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Mandarin Conversation Course

Course objective

The Mandarin Conversation Course is our most popular and key course. This series of lessons encourages student to speak up in Chinese using the words they have learnt, so as to enhance their delivery during conversations. It has a special focus on listening and speaking skills necessary for excelling in a Mandarin-speaking environment. While designed to focus on general communication, this course ensures that students learn the fundamentals of the Chinese language effectively and efficiently as well.

The course will provide students with ample opportunities to practise and spar with one another and with the teacher individually. It is for people who are busy with studying or working but still want to challenge themselves and master Mandarin. 

Contents (Sample Basic level lesson plan below)

– Making acquaintances / Doing greeting and introductions
– Telling time / Describing daily life
– Talking about the weather / Describing varying degrees of intensity
– Sharing likes and dislikes / Talking about food and drinks
– Ordering food / Sharing about food and Chinese food
– Asking the way / Talking about places and transportation
– Shopping / Talking about money and good
– Sharing Hobbies and activities / Bidding farewell

Placement test will be available to determine the most appropriate level for our students’ learning.