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How to learn Chinese efficiently and quickly in Singapore?

Do you need to learn Chinese (Mandarin) quickly? Or have you been learning for some time but seems to be hitting a brick wall in progressing to the next level of mastery? Today we are going to share a few tips on how a learn Chinese efficiently and quickly.

Tips on how a learn Chinese efficiently and quickly

1. Don’t rely on books – Take an appropriate class, and practise.

First of all, and this is especially if you are at the basic level, don’t rely simply on books or Han Yu Pin Yin too much. Self study through books and videos are very useful materials. However, while they may get you started to a certain extent, after a while, you should be thinking of moving on to taking an appropriate class, if you are not already.

From there, you will need to pay attention to how the teacher pronounces, listen to teacher carefully, interact with your classmates and teachers in Chinese, follow and practise, practise, practice.

2. Read Mandarin passages out loud.

Secondly, try to read more (no matter which level you are in), to get used to recognizing characters and pronunciating them fast. This is obvious, but here is the key – you should not be silently reading them, instead read the passages/books out loud.

Enunciate the words clearly and go through the sentences or paragraphs clearly and deliberate, out loud. Get  your tongue used to Chinese. This exercise will go a long way to making you comfortable in speaking and reading Chinese.

3. Work on using daily life vocabularies and expressions

Next, focus on daily life vocabularies and expressions, make sure you can use them outside the classroom context, especially just after you finish your lesson with your teachers. The high frequency of use of these expressions and phrases ensures that you have no lack of opportunities to use them, so master these and have them ready at the tip of your tongue.

4. Get involved in Chinese cultural programs and events from your school or friends.

Getting into cultural programs and making friends who speak the language are sure-fire ways of improving your mastery of the Chinese language. Increasing exposure to Mandarin speakers means you will get the necessary practice and tutelage for you to be proficient in Chinese in efficiently and quickly.

5. Enjoy and make mistakes!

Lastly but more importantly, don’t be shy, embrace your mistakes and have fun! Your teachers should always be here with you to help.

At ezSAM Chinese language centre, we have numerous programs that can suit your needs. For instance, our conversation Mandarin focuses on important and useful expressions that will help you communicate in Mandarin in on time, providing you with the chance to speak and listen. Our intensive course is specially curated to ensure maximum utilization of your time to master the language in a short time.

Apart from teaching Chinese language, ezSAM also shares the Chinese culture with students through music, song, movie, cooking and other ways. Come and join us at ezSAM to learn Mandarin faster, better, and in a more fun way!
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In a next edition we will bring you some tips on learning Mandarin online, to complement your effort in learning Mandarin in the class. Look out for it!

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